Gaining Perspective

M.C. Escher, RelativityIn high school and even university, we are asked to find the one and right answer between a bunch of others when we have to take multiple choice exams. Science asserts that one specific combination of atoms leads to the constitution of one specific molecule or that one combination of numbers always have one solution.

But we have to remember that the world we experience is highly subjective, as psychologists say. There is not always – if ever – one and right answer in a world made of interpretations.

For example, some may enjoy mathematics and even give a personal meaning to it, while some others may have an aversion to the discipline and think it is pointless no matter what. However, there is no “right or wrong” experience of mathematics. No “right or wrong” way to think about mathematics. No “right or wrong” way to see mathematics.

Postmodern theories would even argue that mathematics do not exist as a discipline with specific and objective characteristics. What actually exist are all the different subjective perspectives that we have about the “concept” of mathematics. I quote: “All that’s “real” are the images we get trough our points of view. Put differently, there’s nothing out there; it’s all in here.

This idea is transposable to our personal world in two (and more) ways.

First, what matters at the end of the day is trying to see ourselves, experiences we had and the world around us with different perspectives instead of seeking for the one-and-right one. Why? Because there is no one-and-right idea about something; ourselves as well as everything around us do not exist in a one-and-right form. The more different perspectives we can get about something, the more we get closer to the reality” of the thing.

Second, we should focus more on our own perspectives rather than other’s perspectives when it comes to things that are related to us. Our self, our life choices, our life experiences, our external world are all linked with us more than anyone else. Thus, their “reality” can be better grasped by our own perspectives rather than others’. Our own perspectives include thoughts, explanations, feelings, reactions and more that we have about these things.

Opening your mind is the answer to questions and the beginning of a valuable existence.


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